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Axemanship & Woodcraft

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  • OCTOBER 22, 2022

    The axe of our past may be essential to our future! Whether you plan to build a traditional log cabin in the woods or just process firewood around camp, you will learn why the ax is the most important woodsman tool.

    In Axemanship and Woodcraft, we will use hands-on techniques to safely practice the following core ax skills: Tree felling, limbing, bucking, and splitting wood. We’ll also cover the history, selection, field sharpening and maintenance of axes. The under-appreciated ax serves not only as a woodsman’s lifeline, but a simple tool connecting your hands and heart to doing the stuff of self-reliance.

    As a bonus, students will make their own hands-free ax sling to take home! 


    Meet the Instructor

    Retired special education school teacher and life-long woodsman, Todd Walker, is the creator and author of over 600 articles on the popular blog site, Survival Sherpa. Todd Is also in the process of building his second traditional log cabin, by hand!