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Wazoo Foraging Field Reference Bandana

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Wazoo Foraging Field Reference Bandana

  • Designed in cooperation with some of the finest foraging instructors.
  • 12 common plants/fungus of North America
  • 12 different designated uses with part indicator icons
  • 5 Steps of Identifying Edible Plants by Samuel Thayer
  • Rules and Ethics of Foraging by Merriwether
  • 12 listed field uses listed.
  • Includes Common and Scientific Names
  • Beautiful and accurate botanical illustrations.
  • Made and printed in the USA!

Foraging is an art that's all but lost in today's modern society but can make a huge difference in your life. It is often argued that the caloric intake necessary to sustain a human being over a long period of time cannot be wholly remedied by plant foraging alone. It is also well-known that food is low on the priority of needs in most survival situations. However, foraging for medicine, vitamins, and calories can provide real life-saving benefits beyond sustenance.

Additional to foraging‚Äö direct biological benefits, it psychological importance cannot be understated, especially in an emergency. A Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) is often derived by a feeling that one has hope and often times hope can be rooted in a feeling that someone still retains power over their own situation. A foraging tool like this one is meant to give a person power over their situation, leading to purpose and the ability to self-aid and self-rescue.

There is not enough space on a bandana to fully teach how to properly identify plants. Likewise, there's not enough space to teach all the nuances of processing and accessing the resources of each plant. This bandana acts as a learning primer, field aid, and emergency reference. As you learn to identify plants and which of their parts to use ( is a great place to start) this bandana will be your memory jog while in the field.