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BCC Single Serve Steeped Pack

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Redefining Coffee On The Go

We love coffee and we hate crappy coffee! We knew there had to be a better way and we found it! We found a process that could get our “ridiculously smooth” Campfire Coffee into a single serve pouch ready to brew at a moment’s notice. That couldn’t be the end of it though. We wanted to think of all the ways we could make life just a bit better for you whether it was a way to brew amazing coffee mid flight on the way out on that long planned vacation, camping in the middle of Yosemite National Forest or whipping up some cold brew while you sleep.

It’s About More Than Coffee

As much as we want you to have great coffee at your constant disposal, we also want to be bigger than coffee. As an outdoor focused business, we want to protect the world we live in. One of the requirements during our search to create Better Coffee Outdoors, and ultimately to create Bushcraft Coffee Company Campfire Steeped Packs, we knew we had to protect the environment. While no one person can do it all, we believe that every little step makes a difference. We are doing our part!

Every single pack of BCC Steeped Campfire Coffee is fully compostable – from the outside packaging, the coffee bag, the string, the tag… ALL OF IT! There are no staples, no glues, nothing fake in this product. The pouch is made from plant-based and bio-based materials and it may in fact make a great fire starting material too.

You like it hot?

Rip open a Campfire Coffee pouch and immediately experience the aroma from a nitro flushed pouch of fresh roasted coffee. Drop that bag into your favorite mug which will certainly be one from the reward kits and pour 8 ounces of water over the bag. Use the tag to dunk it for 15-30 seconds. Steep the bag in the water for 5+ minutes and enjoy! Over extraction is a thing of the past with Steeped. Let that bag ride in the cup until you can find a solid place for it to be composted.