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Beyond the Basics Course

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  • Beyond the Basics

    Class Dates: SEPTEMBER 23-25, 2022

    Amazon best-selling author and certified Master Naturalist, Craig Caudill (Owner/Director of Nature Reliance School)

    BEYOND THE BASICS will dig deep into the natural world and how to use it effectively for our needs in survival and bushcraft.

    This intermediate course will cover the following topics:

    Animal Tracks - Animal tracks are one of the primary keys to understanding what is going on around you in any natural area. We will learn the 10 steps to identifying tracks and look at track casts and other data to help identify common species. We will also walk the property to discover tracks and other sign that indicate various species of wildlife.

    Nature Awareness - We will go in depth on utilizing nature for forecasting the weather, finding direction, and setting yourself up for success in survival situations. This will include specific instruction that anchor all organisms in nature and how we can use those anchors to our benefit.

    Plant Systematics & ID - How to identify different species of plants for the purpose of utilizing them for food and medicine. Some plants are easily identified, others are more technical. Learn how to utilize a dichotomous key and cell phone apps to properly identify any plant in the world.

    Tree Identification - Utilize tree ID to find superior species for survival and bushcraft. Some species are great for food, medicine, and others are better for fire and tools. Know how to identify them by leaves, bark, buds, site location, and overall appearance in any season.

    Trapping - trapping for sustenance and survival is crucial. Trapping involves two things, the trap itself and its placement. Understanding one with out the other is a recipe for failure. We will use our newfound tracking knowledge and apply it to trapping.

    Each participant will get hands experience utilizing these practical skills. Craig loves sharing these skills with others and will ensure you have a good time and learn a lot that you can take away and use on your own!