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Land Navigation Course

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  • Land Navigation Course

    CANCELED - October 20-22, 2023 MOVED TO SPRING 2024

    Learn how to use your compass and maps to navigate anywhere in the world.This course will increase your ability to safely navigate in, and out, of a wilderness using a map, compass, and GPS technology.  

    This course will cover all of the fundamentals that one needs to safely and effectively navigate with a map and compass. We will start by considering maps and what information they can give us. We will then consider compasses and how to choose a good one for your particular use.

    The best way to do survival is not to get lost in the first place. 

    This is the cornerstone class for those that want to be able to navigate with map and compass. We will take an incredibly in-depth look at map reading skills, such as:

    • Understanding the various map options that are out there and which ones are useful and which ones are not.
    • We will look at the color schemes of various maps and how to read them.
    • We will go over the use of the scale and how to use other items to transfer it to straight and curve line distances.
    • We will also consider gridlines reference systems. Which ones are best for military/law-enforcement, SAR, and general public use.
    • You will get an in-depth understanding of how to source the best free and paid version of topography maps.¬†¬†

    We will also study compasses and use them with our maps.  

    • What compass options are available and which one is best for your use.
    • We will teach you how to use the compass on the map in a classroom setting first.
    • This will cover things such as determining angles, distances and more. This will definitely include a section on how to make understanding declination and the various "North" easy.
    • Once you are sufficiently trained in the classroom setting, we will have field courses setup to make the skills extremely practical and useful.¬† This will include the open field navigation with map and compass, forest and hill navigation and also night time navigation.

    Other important info covered in class

    • Developing a useful pace count
    • The best apps to use and how to use them in concert other land navigation skills and equipment.


  • Class List:


    -Weather Appropriate Clothing

    -Food & Water

    -Head Light & Extra Batteries


    -Notebook & Pencil

    -Leather Work Gloves

    -General Camping Essentials

    -Tent / Hammock / Tarp

    -Sleeping Bag

    -Camp Chair


    -Camera for photos (cell phones welcome)

    -Bug spray and sunscreen

    -Download the Caltopo app (for Iphone or Android), no worries if you do not carry a cell phone, you will learn in this small portion of class as well.

    -Non-metallic clipbard will be most helpful to you.  Clip can be made of metal just make sure board is plastic, fiberboard, or similar.

    -Gallon-sized re-sealable bag (ie Ziploc type bags) may be used if rainy weather during class


    All students must read, agree, and sign our 2023 Liability Waiver prior to arriving on site.

    Be sure to check out to FAQ Section on our site HERE.

    Primitive camping on-site is included with this class but not required. The class will be conducted at our Basecamp which is a short walk from the parking area. The Porta-Potty is located about 100 yards from the class area. Food and drinks are not included! We have additional Mountain House Meals available for sale in our Outpost. Potable water is available on the property.


    Our Address: 1150 Carruth Rd Watkinsville, GA 30677

    Look for the signs directing you to the second driveway on your right next to the large barn and blue dumpster. Pull in past the Welcome Sign and park at the entrance of the trail straight ahead.

    Grab your gear and follow the signs to Basecamp located about 200 yards down the main trail beyond the red gate. This is where the majority of class instruction will be throughout the weekend.

    Set up camp anywhere to the right (west) side of the main trail surrounding Basecamp. We suggest setting up further away from the main fire pit if you prefer to not hear possible late night fireside conversations.


    FRIDAY - 

    5PM: Students are welcome to arrive as early as 5PM.

    7PM: Day One Begins.


    8AM: Class Begins. Instruction will continue at a moderate pace until noon. We will break for a 30-60min lunch break depending on class pace. This is a relaxed class environment. Restroom & snack breaks are taken at your leisure.

    Class typically breaks for the day around 5-6PM. Unstructured instruction usually continues around the campfire throughout the evening. This allows for additional questions to be presented or more time to complete projects from earlier in the day.

    SUNDAY - 

    8AM: Class Begins. We pick back up the next morning and continue until 11AM.

    12PM: Class Recap This is additional time for questions or time to finish up weekend projects with instructors present.

    2PM: Class is completed.