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Titanium 420-750 Dual Pot with Bail Handle

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 Maxi Titanium 750ml Pot and Bowl with Bail Handle Combo Set - Seamless Fit for Effortless Outdoor Adventure.

  • High-Quality Titanium Construction: The pot and bowl are constructed from high-quality titanium, ensuring outstanding durability, resistance to corrosion, and longevity in demanding outdoor conditions.
  • Flawless Fit Design: The 420ml titanium bowl is meticulously crafted to fit snugly onto the 750ml pot, optimizing space saving during backpacking
  • Spacious 750ml Pot: The 750ml pot is ideal for boiling water, cooking meals, and preparing hot beverages. It features a lid to retain heat and flavors, along with foldable handles for easy handling and compact storage. Its size is perfect for storing a small propane canister and a stovetop.
  • Convenient 420ml Bowl: The 420ml bowl provides ample space for enjoying soups, stews, cereals, and other meals. It can also serve as an additional cooking vessel. The bowl is lightweight, stackable, and designed to perfectly nest on the pot for efficient packing.
  • Versatile Usage: This combo set caters to various cooking applications, including boiling water, simmering meals, and preparing a wide range of dishes. It is an indispensable companion for camping, hiking, backpacking, and other outdoor activities.
  • Lightweight and Portable: Both the pot and bowl are lightweight, enabling easy transport in your backpack or camping gear. Their compact size ensures minimal space usage, allowing you to pack other essential items without hassle.
  • Easy to Clean: The smooth titanium surface is easy to clean, and the cup is dishwasher safe, saving you time and effort.


Total: 6.2oz/176g
420ml Bowl: 2.7oz/76g
750ml Pot: 3.5oz/100g


420ml Bowl: 2’-1/2’’ or 63.5mm
750ml Pot: 4’-1/3’’ or 110mm


420ml Bowl: 3’-3/4’’ or 95mm
750ml Pot: 3’-3/4’’ or 95mm